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Teaching Children to Read with ‘I See Sam’

Beginning Reading Instruction Books

Learning to read using the 'I See Sam' books

Piper Books has regenerated the eighty-eight ‘I See Sam’ (BRI: Beginning Reading Instruction) tales into sixteen volumes, each with five or six decodable stories.

In addition, the one hundred and twenty-five stories of ARI: Advanced Reading Instruction have been reformatted into seven volumes. The spacious new Levels solve the heartfelt question of how a busy teacher or home-schooling parent can keep so many books from becoming out of order, or, worse, lost. The new Levels contain the same straightforward instructions and variety of lively fiction, plus, in the case of the BRI Booster Books and ARI, some additional comprehension questions.

Advanced Reading Instruction Books

Piper Books provides a straightforward Getting Started guide for classroom and SEN teachers, home-schooling parents, and reading tutors, divided into three short parts:

  • Getting Started

  • Building a Reader, including Word Building and Error Correction

  • Teacher Notes, including Assessment of Progress, Small Group Teaching, Order of Introduction, Initial and Mastery Assessments

The Piper Books editions of ‘I See Sam’ also offer a comprehensive Spelling with BRI book containing dictation and extended vocabulary practice, with hundreds of single syllable words laying the foundation for accurate spelling. Learning to read with the evidence-informed ‘I See Sam’ books necessitates no additional worksheets or other materials, and offers exceptional value for money.

The Piper Books 'I see Sam' series is widely used in the UK and the USA.

"More than 1 million children have become proficient readers after using the 'I See Sam' books" READING TEACHER, USA


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