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Catch-Up Reading for Schools

BRI: Beginning Reading Instruction

BRI is a unique programme, used in the UK and across the English-speaking world. It has been scrupulously planned and trialed to enable virtually all children to become confident and fluent readers. Instruction is pared down and can be absorbed with minimal training, making it ideal for volunteer tutors and parents. All instruction, including sound/letter(s) introduction, story outlines and story questions are provided within the books.

BRI's gradual introduction of each element of the English Alphabetic Code, combined with copious amounts of practice, enables struggling readers to finally grasp 'how reading works'. At the same time, it is noted for the ease of its execution and is used either as an adjunct to mainstream Synthetic Phonics classroom teaching or on a one-to-one catch-up basis.

BRI is particularly effective for those with poor short-term memories, inadequate comprehension, auditory and speech problems, and complex SEN needs.

Whilst a complete reading programme, BRI is also successfully used with mainstream SSP programmes including Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics, and Sound Reading System. The Initial Assessments clearly indicate which Level of BRI a pupil should start with, and Mastery Assessments track progress at every stage. The programme is built around multiple short stories that act as a powerful motivator as well as aiding language development and rigorous decoding practice.

'The books make such a difference to the children's confidence, as they can suddenly read every word'


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