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Embracing all learners from pre-school to adults, including SEN, Dyslexic and EAL pupils

Welcome to Piper Books

Piper Books publish a range of evidence-informed programmes to help develop fluent readers of all ages. Ideal for parents, schools, adult readers, EAL and children with learning difficulties.

We offer highly-researched programmes of engaging stories for classroom, small group, one-to-one tutoring and home-schooling.

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Reading Instruction

For Early Years

School children reading

Reading Instruction

For School Year 1 Upwards

Teenagers reading a book

Reading Instruction

For Teenagers & Adults

Our Books


What makes our books easy to use?

For the instructor: the books are designed to do the heavy lifting of literacy instruction – the main requirements are telling the pupil to ‘Say the sounds and read the word’; stepping in to correct errors; using the questions supplied to ensure comprehension.

For the learner: the clarity and simplicity of instruction, the meticulous introduction of each letter(s)/sound correspondence, the abundance of practice within lively decodable stories, and questions designed to cultivate communication and comprehension combine to make the process of learning to read as straightforward as possible.

Mother reading with her yound daughter

"Students who received BRI instruction had superior current reading skills, higher grades and better attendance in school. They needed and received less remedial instruction, ended up being in higher academic tracks, and spent more out-of-school time reading books."

Piper Books


For UK Schools & Colleges

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