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Discovering Mature Reading Instruction (MRI): Empowering Adults to Learn to Read Via Synthetic Phonics

A group of adults holding Mature Reading Instruction books from Piper Books

Delve into Piper Books' Mature Reading Instruction (MRI), a groundbreaking scheme designed to instil reading expertise through a comprehensive five-level series. With over 80 captivating stories, plays, and poems, MRI simultaneously focuses on decoding skills and comprehension – two strands key to reading success.

Discover how MRI bridges the gap for struggling readers, offering them a pathway to becoming integral members of a literacy-based society. The tales imprint the Basic Alphabetic Code while gradually introducing and thoroughly practising Advanced letter/sound correspondences.

Join us on a journey through the world of MRI, where adult – and teenaged – learners are provided with a second chance to unlock the wonders of reading and become confident, fully-functioning members of the literate community. The first two levels are also suitable for pupils of ten years and up, though the increasing sophistication of both syntax and themes makes the subsequent levels less appropriate.

Uncover the effectiveness of MRI's comprehensive Lesson Plans, encompassing word building, oracy, prosody, advanced vocabulary, story analysis, and the writer's craft.

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