• Piper Books Reading programmes for children and adults

Piper Books: The easiest learning-to-read programme
Highly researched books developed to teach reading to young children and older students struggling with literacy

An affordable programme, rigorously researched and extensively trialled for all learners, including SEN, Dyslexic and EAL pupils
Lively phonics stories, encouraging communication, language, fluency and comprehension
Includes ‘Getting Started with BRI’: A comprehensive guide for Teachers, Assistants and Parents with brief, straight forward instruction
Initial stories for beginner readers contain three words and five sounds, enabling ‘real book’ reading from day one
Range of classic and universal stories for adults and older children, condensed into structured, phonic-based narratives
Assessments and graphs for progress and Pupil Premium Records

Comprehensive Mature Reading Instruction (MRI) Tutor Guide contains Pre and Post Assessments, Background Information, Fluency, Copying and Dictation Exercises


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Introducing MRI Mature Reading Instruction

MRI is a ground-breaking approach to teaching older people to read.

The programme is designed for children aged 9 upwards and all adults who have slipped through the education system without mastering the fundamentals of literacy. Students can start from a very low reading age or use MRI to build upon existing reading skills.

50 books of witty and elegant stories are ideal for readers with dyslexia or similar problems; MRI is structured to enable them, step-by-step, to become fluent readers. Carefully chosen vocabulary, intelligent use of repetition and rigorous instruction ensures that decoding becomes second nature. MRI includes an easy-to-use, photocopiable Tutor Guide.

Comprehensive instruction for tutors and SEN teachers

BRI-ARI’s uncomplicated structure and straightforward directions allow specialist tutors and SENCOs to teach virtually all pupils to read, including those with significant learning difficulties. The books are the ideal choice for preparing children for the YEAR 1 PHONICS SCREENING CHECK.
BRI-ARI, a feast of books for children, contains text that is 100% decodable. Piper Books BRI illustrationChildren receive ample practice in handling known letter/sound correspondences in order to read fluently before proceeding to the next book.

Effective reading instruction for home use

If a child can participate in everyday conversation, then s/he can start to read with BRI-ARI. The first books contain just three words and five sounds so that children are able to read little stories right from day one.
Early intervention for struggling readersBRI-ARI is a gentle and lively introduction to early reading instruction. The books are carefully structured and provide the ‘know-how’ that is essential for struggling readers.

English as a second language
BRI-ARI is the result of many years of research and development by linguists and educational psychologists. It has been extensively trialled and tested. The text is ideal for children who do not have English as their home language.

Piper Books News

The Piper Books range is tried and tested. It is used by parents, grandparents, schools and for adult education. We welcome feedback from our customers and please do feel free to email us if you have any queries.

Shortly available
Single copies of MRI, providing bite-size classic adaptations for struggling readers and secondary ‘Catch Up’ students. The books offer plentiful decoding practice and provide a stepping stone to the complete reading of classic texts They include: Beowulf, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes… to name a few.

NEW! Mature Reading Instruction available as eBooks
The acclaimed MRI readers for older students are now available in electronic format for Kindle and iBooks (see Buy eBooks). They have also been relaunched in stunning – and sturdier – new covers for their paperback editions (see Buy online).

Sue Lloyd

Sue Lloyd, creator of Jolly Phonics, talks about BRI-ARI, its contribution to teaching struggling readers, and how important it is to use the correct approach.

FREE downloadable MRI Initial and Mastery Reading Assessments are now available (see MRI free resources). These Assessments are straightforward tests providing essential information on reading progress. Assessments accurately pinpoint whether what has been taught has actually been learned and provide transparent information for Pupil Premium Records. Accompanying graphs provide an instant visual record of progress.

Early readers

Mum and son using the BRI series, showing how easy and enjoyable the programme is.
BRI demonstrates the importance of repetition in learning the basics.
BRI: Customer feedback
I truly feel that these little books have allowed me to fulfil a very important job as a parent – teaching my child to read. I am so appreciative that the tools and simple instruction were so readily available to make the process easy and enjoyable for both of us!”

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